Yunmi Internet water purifier S2 600G

Yunmi Internet Water Purifier S2 600G Went On Sale

Yunmi launched a water purifier last year.  It’s dubbed as the Yunmi Internet water purifier S2. The latter comes with a 400G flux, which can be filled with 1 cup of water (166ml) in 10 seconds, and 1L of water in 1 minute. And today, the new upgrade of the Yunmi Internet water purifier S2 600G went on sale. The original price is 1999 yuan ($285).

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The 2020 upgraded version of the Yunmi Internet Water Purifier S2 was directly upgraded from 400G flux to 600G large flux. Also, as promised, it ensures zero waiting for the water to be discharged. The full glass of water was upgraded from 10 seconds to 8 seconds.

In addition, the new version also upgraded the faucet, from the ordinary faucet to the small blue light faucet. Through the faucet, you can get a core change reminder in time. So, no need to observe its level through the app.

Previously, the Yunmi Internet Water Purifier S2 integrated the traditional 4-level filter into two and still has the effect of 4-level filtration. Through PP filter element, front carbon rod filter element, rear carbon rod filter element and RO reverse osmosis filter element, it can effectively purify harmful substances such as bacteria, heavy metals and antibiotics in water.

This year’s upgraded version directly upgrades the 4-level filtration to the 4 + 1-level filtration, reaching the RO 5-level filtration level. The quality of the effluent reaches the packaging drinking water standard. It is also very easy to change the core. You only need to twist and pull it gently to complete the filter replacement.

At the same time, Yunmi redesigned the waterway and upgraded it to a first-class water efficiency, with a pure wastewater ratio of 2: 1 and a net water production rate of 66%. Based on this standard, a three-member family can save 1460L of water a year. This is equivalent to 2,920 bottles of water.


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