Zimi ZMI Six-digit Extension Cable Socket Available For Pre-Order

Xiaomi has invested in myriads of companies. Zimi is one of them. It is specializing in making various accessories. As for now, the Zimi ZMI Six-digit Extension Cable Socket is available for pre-sale on Jingdong. It comes with a 65W C port charging and three USB ports fast charging. So you can use it without the charging head. The original price is 149 yuan ($21).

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The Zimi ZMI Six-digit Extension Cable Socket adopts a pure white appearance and implements the new national standard. It adopts a 6-hole socket and three USB interfaces. In the case of a smartphone/notebook without a charger, you can use this product and a data cable to charge it normally. The simple white design is matched with the existing home appliances. Also, several interfaces are aiming at different needs of users.

In terms of USB three -port output, one USB-C interface of the Zimi ZMI Six-digit Extension Cable Socket supports 65W output. And it can be used for charging laptops. The other two USB-A interfaces have a single port with a maximum power of 18W.

Zimi claims that it can charge the iPhone 11 to 50% in 30 minutes and the Xiaomi 9 Pro to 100% in 48 minutes.

The Zimi ZMI six-bit extension cable sockets still have independent security doors. The integrated copper strip design is used to avoid continuous heating, in order to increase heat dissipation capacity and electrical conductivity to deal with power transfer problems. The flame retardant temperature of this socket reaches 750 degrees Celsius, and the safety resistance of the socket is 75N.


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