ZMI Zi Mi Flashlight Charger Released 5000mAh Battery

Chinese electronics manufacturing giant ZMI recently released its next generation of smart Flashlight the ZMI Zi Mi Flashlight. The latest device features both strong flashlight and also have the ability to charge other devices. Including smartphone, tabs, earphones etc.. It comes equipped with a massive

ZMI Zi Mi Flashlight

As a flashlight, this product is equipped with imported lamp beads. The official said to have 500 lumens, the longest range of up to 110m. For the charging treasure, battery with support for fast charging and IPX6 waterproof protection, everything for $50.

As for the flashlight, ZMI has equipped the latest device with nothing less than imported lamp beads. According to the manufacturers, 500 lumens LED powers the device with a massive range of up to 110m. Also as for portable charger, the latest device features a 500mAh battery with a USB-A power output of up to 12W.

Also, the latest ZMI Zi Mi Flashlight has an impressive life span of 5 years or 3600 minutes of lighting for the first year and IPX6 waterproofing. The device also comes with the extra security of a diffuser which can easily handle any emergency power outages.

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