Honor 9X Series: with super Wi-Fi penetration

Honor formally declared another iteration of the Honor 9X series, with super-Wi-Fi penetration.

According to the officials regret is just two insurmountable walls. You’re here, however the sign is not. Honor 9X, with its super powerful WiFi penetration capacity, penetrates two partitions, without any efforts.

It’s known the 9X series is going to be outfitted with a 48 camera lens, 1/2 inch sensor, the main camera non-flash night shooter. The Honor 9X series is going to be outfitted with a Kirin 810 chip, GPU Tubro 3.0, along with a leading 32 million elevator lens. The machine 9X supports the Ark compiler, with the EROFS superb file program, no mishap is going to be outfitted with the newest EMUI 9.1 system.

In addition, design exposed the back camera of this Honor 9X Pro, which was arranged in back few shots; it was a combo of 48 million pixels 16 million pixels + two million pixels; with an abysmal X feel gradient, the gradient colour and feel of this fuselage The”X” design.

At last, the 9X series will be formally launching in Xi’an on July 23.

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