Honor CD16 Comes With A Dual-Network, A Dual-Pass And A Dual Gigabit

Recently, China Unicom and Glory jointly launched the Honor CD16, a dual-band Gigabit router with strong signal. This product comes with a wide coverage, and an easy plug-in operation of network ports.

The Honor Routing CD16 supports a dual-core 800MHz processor. And the dual-band Wi-Fi throughput performance of the device has been greatly improved. Besides, the product dual signal amplifiers, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi is increased by 30% and 5GHz Wi-Fi is increased by 50%.

In addintion, the device is powered by three full Gigabit network ports and an dual-band 1167MHz Wi-Fi. As a result, it can easily meet the access requirements of 100M and above fiber broadband.

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The Honor CD16 has also made many optimizations based on the user habits. firs of all, the route supports dual-frequency optimization. Then, the user automatically selects the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz Wi-Fi frequency band that is more suitable for the device.

Honor CD16

Secondly, the Honor Routing CD16 supports a dual network and an dual communication. Implying that, one router can connect to two carriers broadband at the same time and meeting higher network requirements from users.

The Honor Route CD16 also comes with automatic network port identification technology and supports “blind plug in network port”. The latter in order to avoid users being unable to access the Internet because they cannot distinguish “WAN port” and “LAN port”. This route is also the final installation step with subtraction, even if the technology is small, there is no need to worry about complicated installation.


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