Honor FlyPods 3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Announced

Yesterday, the Honor, which is Huawei’s sub-brand mainly focusing on online channels, introduced the Honor FlyPods 3 entirely wireless headset. Like other top-end models, it supports active noise reduction.

Like other similar products, this headset has two independent units for the left and right ear. The device comes with a compact case in minimalist design. As you guess, it serves not only as a regular case but for recharging as well. There are two color variants to choose from – black and white.

The Honor FlyPods 3 is endowed with 10-millimeter speakers that provide clear and rich sound. This headset connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0. However, the main innovation is the active noise cancellation, which is inspired by Apple AirPods Pro. (Honestly, almost all current high-end products support this feature.) This means that all the excess is trimmed. So you will not hear ambient noise.

Honor Flypods 3

In addition, there are three microphones. One of them is intended to conduct telephone conversations. And others are involved as part of an active noise cancellation system. These microphones record the ambient sounds, and also the residual noises in the ear. Then, they generate two signals in antiphase. If necessary, users will be able to listen to music with simultaneous transmission of external sounds. This mode can be useful on a street with active traffic.

The Honor FlyPods 3 headphones cost 799 yuan ($113) and they should go on sale in the nearest future.


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