Honor V30 Pro 5G Connectivity Tested: Just Amazing

The Honor V30 Pro 5G test was really amazing. Although many smartphone manufacturers have successively launched 5G phones in the market. Many of them are satisfactory in practical use due to their shortcomings in network support, optimization, and localization. And by virtue of the overall 5G system solution brought by Haise. The Honor V30 Pro has brought a full range of intelligent network experience to users in advance before the imminent outbreak of 5G.

First, with the speed advantage of 5G, the V30 Pro can offer download speeds of around 500 Mbps and upload speeds of 16.67 Mbps. So we used about 1GB of traffic with just one network speed measurement.

Of course, the network experience can’t be limited to speed software. We used the current mainstream mobile game king of glory to test the game update and game experience of the 5G Honor V30 Pro.

According to the test results, the update speed of the game is about 42 MB/s, and the delay in the game can be stabilized at about 45ms. Considering that the domestic 5G network is still in the NSA phase. The Honor V30 Pro should be able to perform better in terms of latency after the SA network is rolled out in the future.

As a 5G/4G smart dual card dual standby dual VoLTE phone. The Honor V20 Pro supports one card using a 5G network and another card using a 4G+/4G/3G/2G network. Unlike many 5G phones, when one card is 5G on the network, another card cannot be connected to the network, that is, dual CARDS under 5G network are not supported.

Considering that the area covered by the 5G network is still limited. The Honor V20 Pro can realize intelligent network switching according to current network conditions. That is to say, in the case of unstable main card network signal, the Honor V20 Pro can automatically switch to the secondary card network, to avoid the situation of a network outage.

We usually use the WLAN network indoors. But we often encounter the situation that the WLAN network signal is bad, which affects the mobile phone network. Facing this problem, the Honor V20 Pro provides network acceleration function. It can provide users with better Internet access experience by using WLAN and mobile networks at the same time. Users can also choose the software to open this function according to their actual situation. But be aware that this feature requires the use of mobile networks, so be aware of your traffic.

This is the experience of the V20 Pro 5G network. Overall, the V20 Pro can not only provide better network speed through the 5G network. In addition, by virtue of Huawei hiss 5G solutions and Huawei’s efforts in localization in China. The Honor V20 Pro can also try to provide better network experience while the 5G network is still under construction. So that you can experience the refreshing brought by 5G network in advance.


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