Huami To Bring New AMAZFIT Watch Like Apple Watch But With Higher Pixel Density

Today, Huami Technology Vice President Arnold Pei released a photo of the upcoming AMAZFIT smartwatch on Weibo. The photo shows our protagonist looks identical to the Apple Watch Series 3. But he said the screen pixel density of this watch reached 341PPI, which is more than that of the Apple Watch.

Interestingly, yesterday, a photo with an identical wearable leaked on the net. And the whole net was discussing it as the new Apple Watch. Now we understand that was the new Huami Amazfit smartwatch. By the way, Xiaomi is known as Chinese Apple. It got this title because most of its smartphones were looking like the iPhones. Of course, now some things have changed but still many of its products have a similar design. Huami, which is a Xiaomi eco-chain enterprise, has the same approach. But this strategy is beneficial. Huami has shipped the most smartwatches globally.

Apple Watch

Arnold Pei believes that Apple Watch is undoubtedly the benchmark for smartwatches. There are many features worth learning. But this new watch of Huami is beyond the Apple Watch. For example, the PPI of Apple Watch is 326. The new watch of Huami reached 341PPI. He also said that this pixel density is close to the pixel density limit of the current AMOLED screen.

As for the release time of the new watch, benchmark said that on August 20 we can learn more about this.

As a reminder, recently, Huami announced the AMAZFIT GTR, which is an outstanding smartwatch. Currently, it’s selling like a hot cake. So if the next Huami AMAZFIT smartwatch comes with the design as in the picture, we guess more customers will switch to less expensive watch.


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