Huawei Declares US ‘Temporary General License’ Not Changed Unfair Treatment of Facts

Today, Huawei issued a statement on the extension of the ‘temporary general license’ of the US Department of Commerce. The company expressed its opposition to the US Department of Commerce’s inclusion of another 46 Huawei entities in the list. The United States chose to make this decision at this point in time, proving that the decision is a politically driven outcome has nothing to do with US national security. Huawei called on the US government to stop the unfair treatment of Huawei and remove Huawei from the list of entities. Regardless of whether the temporary license is postponed or not, Huawei’s business has limited substantial impact and will continue to focus on making its own products and serving customers worldwide.

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US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said on Monday that the US government will extend restrictions on Huawei technology companies and allow Huawei to purchase supplies from US companies in order to provide services to existing customers.

temporary general license

Ross told the Fox Business Network on Monday that the expected decision, which was first reported by Reuters on Friday, would extend Huawei’s “temporary general permit” due on Monday to 90 days. He also said that 46 Huawei subsidiaries were being added to the list of entities, raising this number to more than 100 restricted Huawei entities.

IThe temporary general license was extended to November 19, the agreement was renewed, and Huawei’s ability to maintain the existing telecommunications network was maintained. Also, the software system updates will be provided for Huawei smartphones.

Huawei, the world’s largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer, is still banned for the purchase of US parts to produce new products without additional special licenses.

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