Huawei Is Difficult to Meet with the US Government. There Is No Progress in Negotiations Between the Two Sides.

Financial Times reported that Huawei official said that it is difficult for Huawei to get a chance to meet with the US government. Which shows that the negotiations between the two sides have made little progress.

The report said that several representatives of Huawei are trying to negotiate with the US authorities to ease the negative impact of the ban. However, in an interview with the Financial Times, Huawei’s director of public affairs, Joy Tan, explained that the negotiations between the two sides have been slow. There is hardly any substantive negotiation result.

Joy Tan said that she did not meet with the Trump administration and had a chance to meet in Washington, but she did not give up. “We will start again. We have not been able to communicate with people in the Trump administration. But this is not to say that we have not tried it.”

In any case, the US ban on Huawei has not made any substantial progress. The lack of GMS has already had a certain impact on Huawei’s overseas business. As for how the follow-up situation will develop, it can only wait and see.

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