Huawei OPPO Xiaomi Vivo Builds New Platform Called Global Developer Services Alliance (GDSA)

Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO and Vivo in China are working together to create a platform. It allows developers outside China to upload their applications to the application stores of these four smartphone manufacturers at the same time.

Some analysts have said that the move aims to challenge the dominance of the Google Play app store. People familiar with the matter said the platform is called the Global Developer Services Alliance (GDSA). So it is designed to make it easier for developers of games, music, movies and other applications to market their applications overseas.

GDSA was originally planned to launch in March this year. It is unclear whether the release will be delayed due to the impact of the new coronavirus epidemic. The platform will initially cover nine “regions” including India, Indonesia and Russia.

In response, the four companies mentioned above declined to comment.

According to an analyst Google made about $ 8.8 billion in revenue from the global Play Store in 2019.

Nicole Peng, an analyst at Canalys, another research institution, said: “Through the alliance, members will use each other’s strengths in different regions. For example, Xiaomi has a strong user base in India. Moreover, Vivo and OPPO perform in Southeast Asia Strong. In addition, Huawei has a strong foundation in Europe. Second, GDSA also helps them improve their voice and gain an advantage in negotiations with Google. “

IDC data show that in the fourth quarter of 2019, these four companies accounted for 40.1% of global smartphone shipments.

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IDC smartphone analyst Will Wong said that as hardware sales slowed. In addition, Huawei has developed its own mobile operating system, Harmony OS.


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