1800+ Xiaomi Stores Nationwide Officially Resumed Business

This morning, Xiaomi announced that the 1800+ Xiaomi stores nationwide officially resumed business. At the same time, Xiaomi stores will take high-standard in-store disinfection, temperature measurement and other tasks. Xiaomi also asks customers to rest assured and cooperate.

Xiaomi store

‘Life can be affected by the epidemic, but we must not be defeated by the epidemic.’

Xiaomi stated that it hopes that the whole society will return to the track as soon as possible and that all people affected by the epidemic will return to happiness as soon as possible.

Xu Jieyun, general manager of Xiaomi’s public relations department, said that today 1000 millet stores officially resumed work at the same time. Now, more than 1,800 jobs have been resumed, and life is gradually returning to normal.

Xiaomi store

March is the time of peace of mind for Xiaomi. Among them, smartphone service items include free cleaning and disinfection, free film and 49 yuan ($7) battery replacement.

It is no coincidence. On March 14, Apple officially announced that it would resume normal operations of all stores in Greater China.

Xiaomi said that hand bacteria, voice droplets, and bacteria in the air will attach to the surface of the smartphone to form germs. There is a high health risk through contact with people; smartphone disinfection uses ultraviolet rays of appropriate wavelengths to destroy microorganisms in cells. The molecular structure of DNA can effectively kill most viruses and bacteria.

In terms of free film, it is a PET soft film, which was supported before except for curved screens and some old models. At present, the Xiaomi Mi 10 series also supports free film.


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