Amazon Sues Its Former sales executive of Amazon Cloud Services

Today, we learned Amazon is suing Philip Moyer, the former sales executive of Amazon Cloud Services (AWS), after he suddenly jumped to AWS’s competitor Google Cloud Computing, violating the non-competition clause in the contract.

Moyer has served as a CEO in the past and has served as a manager for Microsoft for a long time. LinkedIn information shows that he was the CEO of software-as-a-service companies Edgar Online and Cassiopae.

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In 2017, Moyer joined Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) as sales director. When he accepted Amazon’s job, he signed a non-compete agreement and promised not to work for competitors for at least 18 months after leaving the company to avoid revealing trade secrets. However, in May of this year, he switched to Google Cloud Computing for sales.

Moyer’s role in Google’s cloud computing department necessarily involves Google’s current or future sales and improvement strategies for cloud computing products. So this will threaten Amazon’s highly confidential disclosure and violate the non-compete agreement.

At the end of last month, Amazon sued Moyer in the Jin County court in Washington State, accusing Moyer of violating the above-mentioned non-compete agreement. The company is applying for a restraining order to prevent Moyer from joining the Google cloud computing department and forbidding him to dig anyone away from Amazon in the next 12 months.

Amazon’s cloud computing business is leading the way in an emerging and lucrative industry. But competition between Amazon Cloud Services and new entrants such as Microsoft and Google is heating up, especially in terms of talent.



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