AMD Game Console Business Will Usher in Strong Growth

After AMD announces its third-quarter financial results, CEO Su Zifeng accepts an interview with GamesBeat. He elaborated on some topics discuss with investors in the earnings conference call.

Su Zifeng says that the game console is a very good business for us. We are please to provide core processors and graphics cards for Sony and Microsoft’s next-generation consoles in 2020. We are currently in the midst of a product transition, and most of our energy has shifted to new consoles. AMD is expects to see strong growth in the host business in the second half of 2020.

Su Zifeng adds that AMD wants Radeon GPUs to be everywhere. Radeon will be on data centers, game consoles, PCs and mobile products. Samsung has recently become a partner in the field of AMD graphics, and Su Zifeng also said that it will continue to optimize Radeon for low-power applications.

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