Artificial Intelligence (AI): Chinese Companies Will Be World Leaders In The Next Three Years

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Steve Brazier, the CEO of Canalys market research firm, predicts that in the next three years Chinese companies will become world leaders in five major technology fields, including artificial intelligence (AI). He says that trade disputes with the United States stimulate local innovation.

We can say that artificial intelligence, smart cities, 5G, exascale computing, and microcredit are the key for future development. In addition, Steve Brazier noted that some Chinese companies are leaders in certain areas. However, “most Westerners have underestimated China in many areas of technology advanced degree”. China’s innovation has accelerated, in three to four years can be found the full effects. For example, Huawei has reduced the dependence of smartphones and the base station in the United States.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Brazier noted that the world is becoming increasingly unstable. It faced exacerbating political conflicts. Besides, climate change mitigation efforts are increasing and the dual problem is increasing too. Therefore, he believes this means that “business leaders must be more flexible”, and the old certainty will not continue.

“The flexibility and the ability to respond to changes, now are becoming the first business needs. They must respond to changes and must be agile. All companies, especially large companies, must do more to create a sustainable and eco-friendly business”, he said.

 Even more, Canalys predicted that the networked devices from the smartphones to the cameras, the robots and all devices, from 167 billion from will be 323 billion in 2023. Blazy also expressed these devices will generate large amounts of data. So, they need to use disaster recovery procedures for data management, storage, and backup.

As a result, Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2019 became the mainstream, but the charge under the re-injection has not been successful. However, including chat robot, translation, and speech-to-text including small initiatives are playing a role.

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