Beelink GT1 MINI 2 Smart tv box Review, price and Features

Beelink production is a leading TV production and distribution company in the MENA region. The headquarters located in Dubai Media City, UAE. Beelink designed smart home products. The all products of Beelink is designed with latest technology and sell his products in the market at very reasonable prices. They always dedicated to create products for today`s and tomorrow’s lifestyle. They always work hard to bring a lifestyle in peoples on whom they rely more on relish lifestyle and creativity. Now company launches his new product is Beelink GT1 MINI-2 TV box.

The company provides the latest technology to consumers and sharing happiness of technological advances. Beelink is also growing exceptionally fast as compared to another its competitive brands because they deliver latest technologies to costumers and they have been always dedicated to their product designs and quality.

Feature & Specification of Beelink GT1 mini 2:

The GT1 mini-2 TV box is powered by Amlogic S905X2 with Quad-core processor. This box has HDMI interface which is easily connects with LCD TV, projectors and also change your home TV to internet TV. The traditional TVs connected via AV interface can also change to upgraded smart TV. This GT1 mini-2 TV box gives you 4GB DDR4 as compare to other boxes in the market usually only 1 GB.

beelink gt 1 mini 2

With this TV box you can watch high definition videos. This box shows you every video very smooth and there is no stuck in the box. This TV box built with 64GB storage. If we compare GT1 mini-2 box storage with the other company box then other company box only gives 16GB storage this mini-2 provides you huge storage. And the GT1 mini-2 box allows you can download massive software and store easily. This box gives you best quality of the picture.


This TV box runs on Android 9.0 system. Google play comes with the original screen, you can download the APP themselves, such as IPTV to watch local TV channels and also you can watch videos from you tube. This GT1 mini-2 TV box supports 4k-ultra high definition output, which shows you more clearer and natural pictures. The LAN network port provides you 1000MB/s transmission speed.

beelink gt 1 mini 2

The speed of the LAN network is very fast and stable. You can download software and save it to U disk, connect the U disk with Beelink and then install and use the software easily. U disk storage content can be played locally. The Interfaces of the box is AV, DC 5V, HDMI, LAN, RJ45, TF card, USB2.0, USB3.0. GT1 mini-2 box is work with multi languages. Every person can choose language according his choice. HDMI interface function is work with HDCP face. The power input voltage is 5V.     


Beelink GT1 mini-2 TV box is like a mini computer. This design TV box is a highly demanding, clean, non-bazaar style media player that looks good in virtually any environment. The shape of the box is rounded black box at the top with a Beelink logo. The side of the box is bright and the top is very slightly grainy and matt.

The all port is present on the back side of box. If you want to change the background of the surface then you can change with remote control. For scroll the screen you can do with remote control with the right, left buttons but with the mouse you can mute the page. This is a very compact model. This TV box is made from hard plastic material. Also GT1 mini-2 box provides you Google search and voice search. The remote of the box is quite simple and serves to perform the basic functions.

If we talk about the noise and temperature of the GT1 mini-2 TV box, the upper part of the box produce very little heat but does not affect the general use of TV box and noise of the TV box is 0db.


The connectivity is the main function of the device. GT1 mini-2 TV box supports many different types of connectivity. You can connect the TV box via network cable or via wireless Wi-Fi (802.11-a/b/g/n/ac). For strong Wi-Fi signal and transfer speed it has 2.4 GHz + 5.8 GHz dual Wi-Fi antenna. This supports voice remote control and supports connection with speakers, stereos, and other audio devices with Bluetooth (4.0) function. The Bluetooth is a wall-separated which works from all directions. You can connect this TV box with mouse or keyboard with a cable.    

beelink gt 1 mini 2

Additional features-

This GT1 mini-2 TV box has passed Google certificated with voice remote control and supports Netflix 4k. The battery does not go to remote control. You can play games with this box. You can control remotely from your smart phone or Android TV-Box using the app Cetusplay.

When you turn on GT1 mini-2 TV box plugging it into the DC adapter, it starts up automatically and turns front white LED lights up. In the box some apps are installed: Google play, DLNA, Google, Voice search, App Market, Update, Bee file Manager and Bee music. This TV box is manufactured with SoC in 12nm and has a maximum power consumption of only 3.5W. The system of the Beelink TV box maintains a maximum constant performance. The SoC verify image quality setting with brightness, contrast and saturation.

In Box Configuration

Also this TV box gives you video playback configuration. The device supports VPU most modern video formats. You can also playback the video if you need. The GT1 mini-2 TV box is compatible with HEVC which gives good performance at 10 bit color or HDR. The product weight is 0.1200 kg and product size is (L x W x H): 7.70 x 7.70 x 1.70 cm.

In the package company provides you 1 x Beelink GT1 mini-2 TV box, 1 x Power Adapter, 1 x HDMI cable, 1 x Remote control and 1 x English manual. These all device is very useful in your daily life and if you need more knowledge about product then you can read English manual carefully.

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