Bit Continental Released Two Ant Mining Machines s17+/t17+

At the 2019 World Digital Mining Summit (2019), BitInland released two new ant mining machines, S17+ and T17+. The new mining machine supports SHA256 algorithm, which can use to dig bitcoin (BTC) and bits. Encrypted digital currency such as currency cash (BCH).

It is reported that the standard calculation power of S17+ is 73TH/s, the energy efficiency ratio is 40J/TH+10%. The standard calculation power of T17+ is 64TH/s, and the energy efficiency ratio is 50J/T+10%. Mainly high computing power, low power consumption, strong stability.

According to reports, S17+ and T17+ adopt ultra-high integration integrated machine design, adopt deep customization to optimize thermal design. Reduce loss by fine temperature control, and make mining machine run more efficient and stable. At the same time, the new mining machine adopts a fully wrap body design, so that the machine cable is not expose. Users are free to choose the placement method to suit different mine sizes. The assembly and disassembly are also more concise. The ant mining machine S17 + and T17 + will officially land on the official website at 19:00 on October 11th, Beijing time. The batch will be deliver on December 1-10 of Beijing time.

In addition, Bitcoin adopts a delivery delay compensation policy for all orders. If the customer orders the product to be delay than the expected delivery time. The extension is 10 days or more, and the user can extend the number of days. Obtain the equivalent coupon compensation (excluding the cost of electricity) according to the income of the PPS mine.

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