Boeing 777X New Model Test When The Door Explosion

According to overseas reports, Boeing recently interrupted the testing process of the new aircraft Boeing 777X. Because during the load test, the cargo door of the aircraft suddenly exploded.

The report said that Boeing spokesman said on the same day that due to technical problems, the company suspended its test of the new long-haul aircraft Boeing 777X. The spokesperson said that the final load test on the aircraft was part of the aircraft certification process. However, the 777X encountered problems during this time and needed to suspend the test process.

According to an anonymous source, during the test on the afternoon of the 5th, the cargo door of an aircraft suddenly exploded.

The Boeing 777X was originally schedule for the first test flight this summer. However, due to problems with its GE engine, the test flight date has been postpone until early 2020.

Due to frequent air crashes, Boeing’s 737MAX model is currently grounded by major airlines.

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