Counterpoint: OnePlus Is The Only Brand In The US To Grow In 2020

On February 3, 2021, Counterpoint, a global authoritative research organization, released the 2020 annual report on the US smartphone market. The report shows that the overall smartphone market in 2020 fell by 15% year-on-year. Almost all smartphone brands in the US market have experienced negative growth. And there were no signs of recovery until the second half of the year.

OnePlus in the US

OnePlus has become the only brand in the US smartphone market to grow against the trend in 2020, with an annual growth rate of 163%.

OnePlus in the US

The Counterpoint report pointed out that in 2020, OnePlus showed a strong growth trend, mainly due to the help of operator channels. Since the end of 2018, the company has maintained a close cooperative relationship with T-Mobile. OnePlus 6T has also entered T-Mobile for sales in more than 5,600 stores across the United States. Earlier, in 2019, OnePlus teamed up with Sprint to launch new products. In 2020, OnePlus has reached strategic cooperation with Verizon, the largest US operator. The company launched a customized version of OnePlus 8UW smartphones that support 5G millimeter-wave networks. Until now, T-Mobile is still OnePlus’ largest source of sales in the US market.

OnePlus in the future

OnePlus CEO Liu Zuohu said on Weibo, “This is a gratifying achievement. It represents that OnePlus has broad opportunities and prospects in the global market in the future. This year OnePlus will pay more attention to China, including offline sales channel construction and a complete service system.”

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Previously, in the internal letter of the 7th anniversary of OnePlus, Liu Zuohu also revealed that in 2021, the company will make efforts in the three directions of the product line, channel, and surrounding ecology. In terms of the product line, more price range products will be developed to meet the consumption needs of different price points. In terms of population and channels, it will deepen the layout of domestic online channels and broaden the layout of offline channels. And what about the ecology, it will invest in research and development along 5G scenarios and more intelligent scenarios.

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