EU Plans to Take Tougher Stance on Google, Apple, Severely Punish Monopoly Behavior


According to a senior official of the European Union’s antitrust agency “European Commission”. The EU is considering taking a tougher stance against tech giants such as Apple and Google. Forcing them to take more measures to ensure fair competition.

There is no doubt that the move may affect the four major US technology giants Facebook, Amazon, Apple and Google. Currently, due to constant complaints from competitors, these four US technology companies have become EU antitrust targets.

Previously, the European Commission took measures against them mainly to require them to stop anti-competitive behavior. If the circumstances are serious, a fine may be imposed. Obviously, the EU now considers these to be insufficient. According to Cecilio Madero Villarejo, the European Commission’s acting director-general for market competition. The previous measures may not be enough, especially in the digital market.

“In a rapidly changing market, there is a risk that previous measures may take too long to implement and are too difficult to monitor. Therefore, especially in these fast changing markets, we may We need to design clearer and more effective measures to ensure the healthy development of the market to ensure an effective competitive environment. “

On Monday, EU Antitrust Commissioner Margrethe Vestager also said she would take a different stand on Google. Previously, after a decade of investigation, the European Union had imposed a fine of more than 8 billion euros on Google.

“I know more about Google now, and if I knew that at the beginning, my punishment would be bolder.”

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