Foreign Operators Refuse To Enable Dual Cards For Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro

XiaomiAdictos reported that a Mexican telecommunications company called Telcel has been accused of unethical behavior. It blocked the dual SIM card function of Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro. Some users claimed that the supplier used glue and plastic sheets. It is for physically preventing the use of the Mi 10T Pro’s dual SIM cards. It also blocked the function through software.

A Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro user named Foxhoundelta reported some suspected unethical actions by the Mexican telecommunications company Telcel. The user seemed to want to take advantage of the dual SIM card function of Mi 10T Pro. But he found that the SIM card tray was blocked by a plastic sheet and glue. The user also accused Telcel of claiming that the Mi 10T Pro does not have dual SIM card functionality. He also noted that this feature has also been blocked by software.

The Mexican operator Telcel belongs to the huge América Móvil Company with more than 280 million wireless users. It is often accused of irregular business practices and is one of the most complained companies on the consumer website The product page provided by Telcel for Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro also did not mention the functional description of its dual SIM card. But Xiaomi pointed out that the availability of dual SIM card support “may vary between different markets.” Regardless of whether there is a difference, telecommunications providers should not physically tamper with smartphone devices without the end user’s knowledge. According to XiaomiAdictos, it has contacted Mexican operator Telcel about this.

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