Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer: There Is a Festival with Gates, It Is Too Late to Start the Smartphone Business.

Now that Ballmer and Gates are no longer at Microsoft, one is a philanthropist, and the other is concerned about how the government uses public funds.

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer admitted in an interview with The Telegraph that he and Bill Gates did not always agree on certain aspects of Microsoft’s business and its development. In particular, he recalled that one of the main differences between the two focused on the decision of Microsoft to acquire Nokia in 2013 to develop its mobile phone division.

Ballmer smiled and said: “The situation at the time was a bit complicated. Of course I have some contradictions with him. Maybe he also has contradictions with me.”

Ballmer also pointed out that they met for the first time at the age of 18 or 19, so their relationship is different from the regular “business relationship.” Ballmer said: “We met at the age of 18 and 19, and there is no difference between young people who secrete too much testosterone. So there is no traditional professional relationship between me and Gates. There may be more than you see in other situations. More storms.”

In addition, Microsoft’s failure in the field of smart phones still makes Ballmer very angry. He believes his strategy is correct, only at the wrong time. “I don’t agree with Microsoft’s view that it shouldn’t chase the smartphone business. I don’t think we should make the mistakes we made, but I still believe we have a chance.” Ballmer also said that the only solution is for Microsoft to make it itself. Mobile phone, this is too late. “We have to make a decision to make the hardware really successful. Our business model is wrong. We could have been earlier, but we are late.”

According to the latest statistics, Ballmer is currently Microsoft’s largest individual shareholder. This also makes his personal net worth reach about 50 billion US dollars. Ranked 17th in the Bloomberg global billionaire list.

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