Google Brothers Wing Launches the World’s First Commercial Drone Express Service in the US

After obtaining approval from the US government and establishing cooperation with companies such as FedEx. The famous American drugstore Walgreens, Wing, a subsidiary of Google’s parent company Alphabet. Wing Launched the world’s first commercial drone delivery service in Virginia to deliver snacks and health products to residents of Christiansburg.

Earlier this year, Wing became one of the first commercial aviation drone operators to receive Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification. Allowing it to deliver to people who lived several kilometers away and were not in the sight of drone operators. goods.

Wing posted a video showing an elderly couple and a family with young children using a smartphone to select items to deliver. Then, the screen switches and the staff places the ordered items in a cardboard box. Finally, the carton is attach to a yellow clip suspended in the air.  The camera pulled back and we saw the cardboard box being recycled to the hovering drone.

The drone flies over the town and eventually sends the cardboard box to the yard of the ordering customer. The old couple received the yarn and bandages, and the family got a snack. The little boy in the video waved to the air, probably in a farewell to the drone that was about to leave.

Wing said the company hopes to replace the delivery service usually carried out by cars or trucks to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. It also emphasizes that it can provide delivery services for people with mobility difficulties. Wing promises that they will be able to ship to the “designated delivery area” in Christiansburg for free within a few minutes after the customer places an order.

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