How to Prevent Static Electricity When Installing? Intel Official Science

 Intel China official micro today has a knowledge point for everyone, that is how to prevent static electricity when installed.

Some friends asked: How do you feel charged when the installation is not connected to the power supply? Intel China official said: “It’s all caused by static electricity. When the human body rubs in a dry environment and clothing, it will generate static electricity. When it touches a zero-potential conductor, it will “discharge.” Don’t think that static electricity is a trivial matter, and sophisticated electronic components may Burned due to static electricity, the computer could not be turned on.”

The solution given by Intel China is to wear an anti-static wrist strap, also known as an electrostatic wristband. It is reported that the electrostatic wristband is composed of a conductive elastic band, a movable snap button, a spring PU wire, a protective resistor and a plug or an alligator clip, and is a small device for releasing static electricity remaining in the human body to protect the electronic chip. . Use the bracelet to ground the operator. This simple approach is one of the least expensive ways to control static electricity and produces the most direct results. The bracelet can dissipate static electricity from the human body before it can damage electronic products. Therefore, the anti-static wristband is commonly used in the electronics industry to fully protect static sensitive devices and printed wiring boards.

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