Huami Third-Generation Chip Will Be Launched Soon

Yesterday, at Geek Park Innovation Conference 2021, Huang Wang spoke about the Huami third-generation chip. The Huami Technology founder, chairman, and CEO stated that this wearable chip developed by Huami Technology will be available soon.

Huami Announced AMAZFIT Wearables and Huangshan No. 1 Chip

Huami Technology is a Xiaomi ecological chain enterprise and is famous for the explosive Xiaomi bracelet in its early stage. Huang Wang recalled that when he was making Xiaomi bracelets, Lei Jun asked if they could make the battery life longer than the American Fitbit bracelet (one week). In the end, Huami’s plan is that it can last for three months. Many users couldn’t find the charging cable for the bracelet later, because they were rarely applicable.

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Speaking about the direction of innovation in China’s manufacturing industry, Huang Wang believes that innovation involves two aspects. So, one of them is to solve new problems, and the other is to cover shortcomings, such as core shortages. Besides, he added that Huami began to develop its own chips and sensors more than two years after its business. Hence, it is also the core technology of smartwatches and smart bracelets.

Huami Technology has already launched two self-developed wearable chips: Huangshan No. 1 and Huangshan No. 2. According to the Huami founder and CEO, now it is the turn of the Huami third-generation chip.

The amount of bracelets is very large. Although the investment in self-developed chips is high, the cost of dilution in each product will have reductions. Huang Wang insists that along with the improvement of chip technology, the investment in chips is also increasing. On the other hand, this is an indispensable core competence of an enterprise.

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