Huami To Introduce Its Own Chip and OS For Wearables

Tomorrow, Huami Technology will release a new generation of Huangshan 2S chip and self-developed OS. In other words, this Xiaomi-related brand is going to release its own chip and its own system. Thus, it will become more or less independent.

Huami Technology CEO Huang Wang said that there had been two development paths for smart hardware in recent years: use ISM (purchase management) and independent research and development. The latter has fewer players and is more difficult, and only a few manufacturers such as Apple and Huawei have achieved it.

Huang Wang emphasized that even the “supply chain assembly plant” is actually not easy. Although there are always people who like to mock certain brands as assembly plants, it takes a lot of energy and effort to integrate the industry chain. Even if an inconspicuous hardware is not in place, it can easily delay the entire project.

Prior to this, no manufacturer in the industry started from the independent core value of wearables and the health needs of users to develop a brand-new chip and a brand-new system for wearables . So he wanted to explore this new road. He believes that one cannot give up because of risks and cannot shrink because of difficulties.

Huang Wang also said that even if Apple and Huawei are first involved in the chip and system fields, they will also be questioned by the industry. But he believes that the persistence and bravery of a few people can change the world and change people’s lives.


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