Huami To Launch New Smart Wearable Chip On June 15

Huami will hold an AI innovation conference on June 15. Today, Huami Technology is warming up, hinting that it will release a new generation of AI chips for wearable devices.

Huami’s official pre-heating poster said: ‘Huangshan No. 1’ is just a small test, what should be a blockbuster?

The Huangshan No. 1 is the first artificial intelligence chip in the global smart wearable field of Huami Technology. It came on September 17, 2018. It has a wearable processor with integrated AI neural network and has four major core artificial intelligence engines: cardiac biometrics recognition engine, ECG, ECGPro, and heart rhythm abnormality monitoring engine. The Huangshan No. 1 has was in many Amazfit watches and bracelets of Huami.

Huami chip will focus on performance and power consumption

Huang Wang said that Huami has been determined to embark on its own path since its inception. A better wearable chip than Huangshan 1 should be called Huangshan 2? Due to the constraints and limitations of usage scenarios, compared to the X86 architecture of personal computers and the ARM architecture of mobile devices, the chip architecture suitable for wearable devices must have ultra-high computing efficiency and ultra-low power consumption.

Huang Wang said that high performance and low power consumption seem like two sides of the coin. On the one hand, it is how to maximize the performance of local AI data calculation under different technical paths and algorithm rules, because the calculation performance affects the speed of disease recognition. Every 1% increase in the speed of disease recognition may save an extra life. On the one hand, it is how to effectively improve the battery life when the battery capacity remains unchanged.

From the point of view of Huang Wang, the wearable chip what will be released by Huami will take into account both performance and power consumption. In addition, the new chip will support active recognition of sports modes.

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