Huawei’s Smartphone Market Share Is Divided Between Apple And Xiaomi

Huawei’s smartphone market share is divided between Apple and Xiaomi. How long will it take to return to the top? In general, it will take at least 3-5 years. But sometimes it may even take longer!

At the beginning of 2021, Xiaomi’s momentum is very strong. And the pace of OPPO and VIVO is also very fast. Apple is very aggressive when releasing new products every year. If the product does not get a rapid continuation, there is no way to make people take it seriously!


But if Apple, like many Chinese smartphone manufacturers, releases three or four times a year, perhaps it will not have that much influence. So, the domestic smartphones on the market are still very powerful! OPPO, VIVO and Xiaomi are developing too fast!

Huawei is ready to hit the market

However, after Huawei has given up its glory, we can even see that Huawei is ready for a protracted battle and is ready to hit the market with roads and rifles. Perhaps many outside companies have begun to open up the market with advanced weapons. Huawei currently does not have it. But Huawei knows its important responsibility, and builds state-owned technology as its own responsibility!

The development of semiconductor chip technology to production is an important issue. This solution is beneficial to the next development of the smartphone market. If it does not get a solution, it means that Huawei will still be limited by the lack of cores in the smartphone market. However, in the general environment, the auto industry and the smartphone industry are starting to lack cores.

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Not only one company will be affected, but the smartphone industry is still the most affected by Huawei. Therefore, Huawei’s smartphone production cannot keep up. No matter how big the market is, there is no way.

This is the situation we are facing now. However, Huawei’s persistent technology and indomitable spirit are worthy of admiration. After all, the road to self-developed chips is also called a long way to go. But Huawei is still willing to go on it is very powerful.

Xiaomi and OPPO

And Xiaomi’s reaction is undoubtedly the biggest. The market layout, product line return, and various policy orientations have made Xiaomi flourish recently. OPPO has become the sales champion in January. In terms of VIVO, the product line is relatively broad and developed. It is also relatively fast. So the rhythm of grabbing the market has begun.

But in the end, Huawei has reported that it is going to sell Huawei P series and Mate series.

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