Frost Canyon

Intel Officially Launches “Frost Canyon” Nuc: 25w 6-Core i7, $670

Not long ago, Intel released the “Frost Canyon” NUC abroad to upgrade the 10th generation Core with a maximum of 6 cores. Now, this NUC National Bank (the Chinese version) is also on sale, with a price tag of $670.

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In terms of design, a front USB-A interface of NUC 10 is now a USB-C interface. It’s in line with the current upgrade of smartphones, cameras, peripherals, and other products to USB-C interfaces. This PC front USB-C will greatly facilitate users’ external accessories and data transmission. Intel Frost Canyon NUC will also officially support 64GB of memory for the first time.

In addition, Intel also configures a far-field microphone for NUC 10. Allowing support from Microsoft Cortana and Amazon Alexa. Finally, the content creators are most pleased that NUC 10 supports the UHS-II SD card slot. This is the second-generation ultra-high-speed interface. The theoretical transmission speed can reach 312MB/s, which is three times that of UHS-I.

The Frost Canyon NUC10i7FNH currently on the shelves. It comes equipped with an i7-10710U processor, six cores and twelve threads, the main frequency is 1.1GHz, and the core frequency can reach 4.7GHz, excluding memory and hard disk.

Intel’s official flagship store is currently out of stock and is expected to be available soon.


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