iPhone 11 Is Way Popular In India Than iPhone 6

Recently, Counterpoint research analyst Taren Patak released a research report. The report shows that Apple’s new iPhone 11 is very popular in India. And the Cupertino-based company is gradually increasing its position in the Indian market.


Some Indian Apple dealers said that when the iPhone 11 was sold last week, it reminded them of the iPhone 6 and 7 series being sold in India in 2014 and 2015. Patak believes that the pricing structure of the iPhone 11 can be the main reason for their success in India. He also predicted that Apple may set a sales record during the festival in India this year.

Earlier, according to the Indian Times, Apple plans to make a larger investment in India. Particularly, we are talking about $1 billion investment in India through Apple’s partners. The $1 billion will be invested in the Apple India plant to meet the global market demand for the iPhone.

It’s reported Foxconn will become one of the investment partners of Apple’s new initiative. And the Chennai plant in India will also supply iPhone products to the world. A range of Apple component suppliers will also invest in India to advance the iPhone’s manufacturing in India.

Generally, this means, after the failure in the Chinese market, the American brand has decided to focus on other markets. In this sense, India is the best choice. But this is not a simple strategic move/change. As the manufacturer starts focusing on another market, it should remove its manufacturing plants there as well. Apple is a big and important client. So many companies depend on their strategy. The best example is Foxconn. And we are not talking about the mid-to-small suppliers.

By the way, Samsung has moved to India as well.


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