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Lei Jun: Xiaomi Was In The “50 Smart Companies” 2020 List

Every year, the MIT Technology Review reports a list of the top smartest companies. This morning, Xiaomi’s founder, chairperson, and CEO Lei Jun announced that Xiaomi is on the list of 50 Smartest Companies (TR50) this year.

Recently, the MIT Technology Review magazine stated the reason for Xiaomi Group’s being on that list. The first reason is that Xiaomi’s smart factory is fully technological (no personal interference). Thus, the production continues 24 hours a day. Xiaomi does the majority of the research (92%) on the smart factory and its invested companies. Hence, the operational risk is minimal due to the lack of delegated services. Now, it has a variety of core self-developed technologies including a self-developed board test system, automatic calibration visual algorithm, central dispatch control platform, self-developed measurement system, parallel software system, and intelligent control center.

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According to the MIT Technology Review, Xiaomi’s smart “black light factory” has a total construction area of ​​18,600 square meters. This huge territory has required an investment amount of about 500 million yuan (76 million USD).

Besides Xiaomi, the “50 Smart Companies” list in 2020 includes Huawei, Nvidia, TSMC, Tesla, Meituan, AMD, etc.


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