Lenovo M7268 All in One Wireless Laser Printer Review

Lenovo is a well-recognized computer manufacturing brand across the globe. Recently, it has come in the market with Lenovo M7268 Wireless laser Printer to cater to the printing needs of users. It is an all in one laser printer, which can print, copy, and scan a document on the same board.

Need for computer printing devices is increasing day by day. Nowadays, it is being used in homes too on a large scale. Accordingly, different manufacturers are offering the users with their extensive printing machines at affordable prices. Lenovo M7268 All in One Laser Printer can work at the speed of 22 pages per minute using 220V of power.

Further, this printing machine is quite useful when it comes to using at home or offices. It is a Black and White printer to produce a 600×600 DPI printing resolution. Furthermore, the White-coloured body of the machine looks compact and lightweight and easy to handle at home.

Today, the home office is trending at the peak and the need for printing devices is increasing correspondingly. Therefore, the Lenovo M7268 Printer is fully able to handle the tasks at home or office to convert your soft copies into hard ones.

Similarly, the M7268 Printer adopts a beautiful appearance with slightly curved edges and sleek surface. The flow of the paper is clear and eliminating the chances of paper stuck during the printing process.

You can insert 150 pages of A4 size into this printer at a time. Further, the paper output capacity is 50 at a speed of 22 pages/minute.

Concluding all, the Lenovo M7268 All in One Laser Printer is great to use in home or office or any other corporate location. It adopts a multi-functional approach to save time, space and money as well.

Lenovo M7268 All in One Laser Printer: Features and Specifications

Whenever we go to the market to purchase a printing machine for our computer system, we find multiple brands and devices with almost the same configurations. Then, it becomes a little bit confusing for us to choose the right product compatible with our system.

Here in this text, we will throw serious attention on the features of the Lenovo M7268 All in One Laser Printer. Further, we will review its basic to advanced specifications so that readers can get an idea to facilitate their buying decision. Let’s move towards the final goal.

Lenovo M7268

Physical Attributes and Appearance

The external personality is the trait, which motivates us the most. In the case of the Lenovo M7268 Laser Printer, we will get a White-coloured metal body with a sleek and glossy surface. Further, it looks charming and ergonomic to place on the table and improves our computer room decoration.

Similarly, the physical dimensions of the M7268 Printer are 350 x 275 x 135mm and the Wight is 6.5 kg. The compact body includes a separate toner and cartridges and various inbuilt features we need most for the printing process.

The front side of the printer has an outlet to take the final product out, along with a switch on/off button. Similarly, on the left and right sides, there is a fan air outlet to keep the machine cool and relax.

On the top, it is an openable tray to insert the paper into the machine. Overall, the Lenovo M7268 Printer takes simple and generous design to create fast printing processes without any interference.

Lenovo M7268

Printing Quality

Regarding the printing quality, the Lenovo M7268 Laser Printer provides a 600×600 DPI printer resolution to generate excellent printing outputs. Further, users can only print black and white colour prints as it doesn’t support cartridges for colourful printing.

Further, the M7268 Laser Printer only supports the paper size of A4. Hence, you must consider these things while going to purchase this device. Sometimes, we need to print smaller or larger pages and you will not be successful at this point.

As the machine is suitable for scanning and printing, you do not need to purchase both separately. It can provide 22 pages in a minute, which looks quite impressive speed comparatively.

The company is looking forward to enriching good qualities to make its printing better. For the purpose, the machine comes with a scientific paper path design, which is helpful to eliminate the troubles like paper jam, ink leaks etc. Moreover, the M7268 Printer includes affordable tonners (Black and While) with a long-time service period.

Overall, the printing quality is average as the machine is lacking behind on some important aspects. Therefore, keep in mind these things if you need colourful printing.

Paper Input and Output Capacity

As the Lenovo M7268 Laser Printer houses a 3-in-1 approach to serve the users with the same machine. They are able to handle their printing needs at the office and homes very easily. In case of the Lenovo M7268, they can insert 150 + 1 pages in the tray for the continuous printing process.

Therefore, there is no need to fill the tray with papers frequently. You can perform this task once to enjoy 150 prints worry-free. The size of the printing machine is very similar to the A4 paper, which makes it compact to save space on your computer table.

If we consider the output capacity, then it is 50 in case of this device. You will get printed pages at a speed of 22 pages per minute. You just need to provide a command from your system, it will start printing immediately.

Concluding all, the paper input and output capacities are satisfying if we are using it at home for personal use and in the office as well.

Power Usage

Talking about the power usage of the Lenovo M7268 Laser Printer, it has a power efficiency approach taking 220 voltage of power to run the operations.

The energy rating is staying at two to make it energy-saving and environment-friendly device. Further, the Lenovo Company is striving forcefully to provide the users with lower power consumption functionality.

If we go out to purchase any electrical appliance for home, we tend to go for the product with a higher energy-saving rating. Sometimes, devices need higher voltage to perform their functions. Ultimately, we prefer products needing lower power consumption.

In the case of Lenovo M7268 Laser Printer, the power consumption is 220 voltage to perform printing processes.


In this part, you will come to know the price factor of the Lenovo M7268 Printer. Well, if we consider available options in the market, Lenovo M7268 looks cheaper than others with these specifications.

The cost of the Lenovo M7268 Laser Printer is $385.27 on the Banggood online store. This price is after a 20% discount, including taxes. You can approach the link given below to go to the product buying page:


In the final words, we can say that Lenovo M7268 Laser Printer has all the functionalities and features, which we expect in a printing machine. Either we use it in office or home, it is fully compatible with all devices to transform the soft copies into hard ones.

After reviewing this machine on all bases, we find it worth buying to cater to personal and business needs. You can consider Lenovo M7268 Printer as an option, but after considering some particular features, it does not support.

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