Lu Weibing: Redmi Will Launch The First Dimensity 1200 Phone

Yesterday, MediaTek officially released the Dimensity 1200 chip. It uses TSMC 6nm process, 1 Cortex-A78 large core 3.0GHz, 3 Cortex-A78 2.6GHz cores, and 4 Cortex-A55 2.0GHz cores. The performance increased by 22%, energy efficiency increased by 25%. The GPU scale has not changed much, and the performance is improved by up to 13%. Lu Weibing, vice president of Xiaomi Group, announced that the new flagship 5G chip Dimensity 1200 is here, and Redmi will also make its world premiere. In 2021, flagship chips will blossom. Redmi will also launch a multi-platform performance flagship, with different positioning and different experiences. So consumers will have more choices.

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The Dimensity 1200 is based on TSMC’s new 6nm process and the highest clocked 3.0GHz A78 super-large core. The new upgraded engine also allows the game function to have a better experience. At the same time, 5G, AI, and multimedia are undergoing overall upgrades. There is no doubt that among the many flagship chips in 2021, Dimensity 1200 is in the first echelon and has outstanding performance.

Dimensity 1200

In addition, Lu Weibing said that in 2021, Redmi will focus on e-sports and launch Redmi’s first flagship gaming phone. They will bring the flagship e-sports experience to the fans at an irresistible price. The Dimensity 1200 supports 5G connections in all scenarios. It also supports 5G high-speed rail mode, 5G speed + 40%. The downlink speed reaches 400 Mbps +. It also supports 5G elevator mode, intelligently perceives 5G elevator scenes. The average fast competition product is 3 seconds. Using 5G UltraSave smart SA measurement scheduling, smart SA/NSA hybrid network search strategy, SA performance is more power-efficient.

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