OPPO, VIVO And Xiaomi Shipped 5G Phones Worth Of $15 Billion

The latest report released by Strategy Analytics shows that in the first quarter of 2021, the sales of Chinese manufacturers’ OPPO, VIVO and Xiaomi 5G smartphones reached 15 billion U.S. dollars (approximately 96.9 billion yuan). The 5G revenue of these three vendors alone is almost twice that of LTE in the same period.

The report pointed out that Chinese smartphone manufacturers are rapidly switching from 4G to 5G. As high-end equipment shifts to 5G, the LTE mobile phone market will shrink by half in Q1 of 2021.

Strategy Analytics said that in the Q1 of 2021, 5G revenue will increase by more than 500% annually. Apple leads in 5G smartphone shipments and revenue, and also leads in 4G LTE phones market in terms of revenue.

Xiaomi Lei Jun

In addition, in the top 10 5G smartphones list in terms of revenue, there are 7 Chinese manufacturers such as OPPO, VIVO and Xiaomi. At present, Chinese manufacturers are actively targeting mid-to-high-end equipment and are closing the 5G ASP gap.

As for these three, it’s not surprising at all because theyall have been working actively to bring 5G technology to models from lower categories. At the moment, if looking for cheap 5G phones, the best options will come our way from these three basically. On the other hand, OPPO, VIVO and Xiaomi have launched flagship models that boast of not only 5G communication but also other innovations and latest technology. So in the future, it’s expected that they will play main role as well.

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