Realme CMO XUQI: Realme Will Become a Popular Player of 5G Mobile Phones

Realme released the first flagship realme X2 Pro of Qualcomm Snapdragon 855Plus+90Hz fluid screen +50W super fast charge in Beijing. The price of the flagship machine detects to $382. For the 5G key node layout, Realme CMO said that realme will definitely catch the 5G wave.

The realme will be the first mobile phone and manufacturer to carry Qualcomm’s integrated 5G chip. “In 5G, realme will be more of a popular player in 5G phones”.

In May 2018, OPPO launch its mobile phone brand realme, the main printing market. This year, realme officially returned to the Chinese market and operated as an independent brand. However, also OPPO support in supply chain procurement and manufacturing.

Previously, Realme’s return to the outside world more regarded it as a supplement to OPPO. But, after returning to the Chinese market, realme frequently released new products. Forming a full range of products covering the middle and low, and formed a competition with OPPO. In this regard, Xu Qi says that realme is an independent brand. Both OPPO and realme have their own positioning. OPPO’s supply chain and manufacturing are more like a weapon of realme.

For example, the 90mm fluid screen and UFS3.0 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 855Plus by X2Pro release by Realme are the configuration of other brand flagship machines. The price is more than $423, or even $700 , but the price of realme X2Pro is $400.

“Because we can use OPPO’s supply chain and manufacturing, we can make more money for consumers in terms of cost,” Xu said.

For the 5G market, Xu Qi said that realme will be the first mobile phone manufacturer to carry Qualcomm’s integrated 5G, and realme will definitely seize the wave of 5G next year. “Realme will definitely become a popular player for 5G mobile phones.” Xu Qi mentioned.

Realme founder Li Bingzhong mentioned when Realme returned to the domestic market, realme came for 5G.

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