Realme To Announce Its 64MP Sensor On August 8

Almost all current flagships are packed with a 48MP Sony or Samsung camera sensor. But we have heard a few companies are going to release their own 64MP lenses. Among them, we should mention not only Samsung but also Realme and Redmi. Today, the former manufacturer announced it will hold a new product launch conference in India on August 8 and announce a 64MP 4-in-1 technology.

Realme’s 64-megapixel camera technology will be officially unveiled at an event in New Delhi, India on August 8. The technology consists of four cameras. According to reports, Realme has been studying this camera technology for a while in India and China. However, it is not clear whether Realme will show the final product at the event on August 8. Even if now, be sure we will see a prototype device using this technology.

According to previous news, Realme’s 64-megapixel sensor is Samsung’s 64-megapixel ISOCELL Bright GW1. Thus, we are dealing with the same sensor with pixel-combined Tetracell technology and re-picking algorithm. Due to these improvements, the GW1 can generate bright 16MP images in low-light environments and 64MP resolution photos in brighter environments. The GW1 is equipped with dual conversion gain (DCG). The high-performance phase-detection autofocus technology known as Super PD provides clearer images and supports full HD recording at 480 frames per second (fps).

Moreover, the 64MP camera sensor of Redmi is going to be the same sensor mentioned above. We know there have been real differences between the 48MP sensors of Samsung and Sony. If the latter provides the genuine 48MP resolution photos, the former CMOS actually takes 12MP resolution photos. Hopefully, this won’t be true for the 64MP sensor.


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