Singapore Asks Facebook to Issue Correction Notice for False News


According to CNA news, this Thursday, the States Times Review (“American Times”) publish a report on Facebook. The Singapore Ministry of Cabinet (MHA) said that the report was false and was “false”. The State Times Review wrote that States Times Review and its editors “will not obey any orders of other governments”. Which means that there is no meaning of “ququ”.

On Friday, Facebook complied with instructions from the Singapore Office of “Prevention of Fake Information and Network Manipulation Act”. They also issue a correction notice of previous false reports. Which is currently visible at the bottom of the original article.

A Facebook spokesperson told CNA that the company has added a text reminder at the bottom of the false report article as required by Singapore law. He also said, “Since (Singapore) this law has come into effect. We hope that the Singapore government will ensure that the law does not Affects free speech”.

In May this year, Singapore ’s parliament passed a bill to prevent online false information and network manipulation. Under the decree, the Cabinet Minister has absolute power to judge the information as true and false. Then issue instructions requiring correction or removal of the information . The parties may appeal if they disagree with the instructions.

On October 2, the Singapore Government’s Electronic Gazette announced the effective date of the Prevention of Internet Fake Information and Network Manipulation Act (referred to as POFMA). As well as related subsidiary legislation. Network platforms that are unwilling to follow the instructions can be fine up to S $ 1 million (about RMB 5,185,900). Individuals who maliciously spread false information can also get sentence upto 10 years in prison and fined up to S $ 100,000.

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