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Smartphone Manufacturers Are Slowly Occupying Smart TV Market

After the boom of smartphones, companies around the world are now focusing on the smart TV market. Although traditional TV OEMs are favored by customers in Western markets, Chinese smartphone manufacturers have occupied a place in developing countries over the past few years.

Now, because people can access the Internet at a cheaper price than before, it makes sense for companies to bring their IoT devices to market. One of the best ways is the smart TV because it connects the whole family with the rise of OTT platforms.

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Unlike the purchase of smartphones by individuals, the purchase of smart TVs involves family decisions. So brand awareness is very important. Smartphone brands have earned a reputation among young people, which has been helping them enter the TV market segment.

Xiaomi was one of the earliest smartphone manufacturers to enter the field of smart TV. It became very popular, especially in India, and became the country’s largest smart TV brand in a short time. Globally, its market share in this area is 7%.

Since the second half of last year, many smartphone manufacturers have entered the field of smart TV. Even OnePlus has begun selling advanced smart TVs in India, and plans to launch more affordable new models in July. In addition, its sister brand Realme also released a TV in India last month. On the other hand, Huawei’s smart screen is also very popular in the market.

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However, smartphone brands are providing more features at affordable prices and are steadily increasing their share of the smart TV market.


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