Sony Plans to Invest $900 Million in New Semiconductor Plants to Expand Image Sensor Capacity

Image sensor manufacturer Sony is considering investing about 100 billion yen (about 900 million US dollars) to build a semiconductor factory in Nagasaki. To produce semiconductor image sensors for smartphone cameras. It will start to operate in 2021.

For Sony, the chip business is a key growth driver. Since image sensors are widely used in products such as self-driving cars,. Their demand is expected to continue to grow.

The company believes that in addition to increasing production by expanding existing plant production lines and increasing efficiency. It is necessary to build a new plant to meet expected demand growth.

In addition to the new semiconductor factory, Sony also produces sensors in its existing plants in Kumamoto, Yamagata and Oita. Currently, the company produces approximately 100,000 image sensors per month for smartphone cameras. By March 2021, the company plans to increase this number to 130,000.

Last year, Sony became the world’s largest manufacturer of image sensors with a 50% market share. While its rival Samsung Electronics accounted for 20% of the global image sensor market. Sony’s goal is to use the new factory to increase its global market share to 60% by 2025.

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