Start Ahead, Vivo Registers “6G” Network Logo in Europe

According to the Letsgodigital report, the mobile phone manufacturer Vivo from China recently registered the “6G” network logo in Europe.

The Vivo company registered the “6G” logo on EUIPO (European Intellectual Property Office) on October 22, 2019. There are three diagonal lines between “6” and the letter “G”, indicating the speed of “6G” Will be faster. This trademark is classified as 9/38/42.

The “6G” trademark part of Vivo is describe as: smart phone; computer software; wearable device; earphone; cellular phone communication. Mobile communication service; mobile telecommunication network service; research in telecommunication technology; design and development of telecommunication network.

Letsgodigital said it expects the first batch of 6G products to be available around 2030. As early as July 2017 the European Union announced that it will launch the “Terranova” project. Its aim to follow-up products of the 5G network. The network will become faster; the official said that the speed will reach 1TB per second, and the delay is almost Zero, or no delay.

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