Stone Technology

Stone Technology Successfully Listed On Science and Technology Innovation Board

Xiaomi eco-chain enterprise, Stone Technology officially landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board with the issue price of 271.12 yuan/share. The Science and Technology Innovation Board enterprises set the issue price of the highest price shares. Stone Technology opened up more than 73% at the beginning of the press, and as of press time, it rose 66.16% to 450.50 yuan.

At the same time, Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi, issued a congratulation to Stone for its successful listing on the Science and Technology Innovation Board. Lei Jun said that this is the first millet ecological chain company listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

We have learned that Stone Technology was established in July 2014. It is a smart appliance R&D manufacturer specializing in the design, development, production and sales of intelligent hardware such as smart cleaning robots. It’s a listed company in the Xiaomi ecological chain.

Lei Jun also pointed out that in August 2016, Stone Technology released the first generation of Mijia sweeping robots. In April 2019, the Mijia handheld wireless vacuum cleaner launched by Stone went on the market, and the crowdfunding amount exceeded 41.12 million yuan ($5.85 million).

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In addition, the stone sweeping robot T6 marbled version has previously won the German iF Design Award. In October 2019, Japan’s SoftBank Group announced that SB C&S will introduce smart sweeping robot products from Beijing Stone Century Technology Co., Ltd. Stone Technology is also the only partner of Softbank to cooperate with Chinese companies on intelligent floor cleaning robot products.

As of today’s close, the market value of Stone Technology reached 33.340 billion yuan ($4.74 million).

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