The US Retail Industry Has Closed 7,600 Stores This Year, and Credit Suisse Says It Will Be Worse Next Year.

According to the latest report of Credit Suisse. The US retail industry has announced the closure of 7,600 stores so far this year. A record high, of which about 75% is the so-called “softlines” for the sale of clothing or textiles.

Credit Suisse warned that the risk of the collapse of US retail stores in 2020 is expected to be as high as this year, or even worse.

Credit Suisse analysts said they believe that “softline retailers will find it increasingly difficult to maintain poorly performing stores. It would not be surprising if there was another large-scale closing announcement in early 2020.”

According to the report, some of the stores in the mall are most likely to be closed on a large scale. Including stores owned by well-known brands such as Macy’s, Penny, Gap and Victoria.

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