Two Xiaomi Batteries Have Passed The 3C Certification

According to a Weibo blogger, the two Xiaomi batteries of Xiaomi smartphones have now passed the national CQC certification. They may be dual-cell design, and the rated capacity is 2390×2=4780mAh and 2485×2 =4970mAh. It has a standard value of about 5000mAh. The Xiaomi batteries will have a 3C cell design. If 55W fast charging is used, it is estimated to be fully charged in about 35 minutes.

Xiaomi batteries

It is worth mentioning that the blogger said Xiaomi’s flagship smartphones are all designed with 6C batteries. These two batteries are expected to be mid-range models. The fastest charging power of Xiaomi currently is the 120W fast charging technology used in the Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra. The machine also supports wireless fast charging up to 55W.

In addition, there are three colors for the Mi 10 Ultra: Bright Silver Edition, Transparent Edition and Ceramic Black. The screen of the Mi 10 Ultra also supports a 120Hz high refresh rate screen. It also supports MEMC motion compensation technology, which reduces screen smearing through frame interpolation. The Mi 10 Ultra has a better gaming and movie viewing experience. The farthest zoom distance has reached 120 times, which is also the top phone camera with the farthest shooting. In addition to these, the screen of the Mi 10 Ultra is a native 10bit screen with 1.07 billion color displays. The weight of the Mi 10 Ultra has reached 221.8 grams.

It is worth mentioning that a Xiaomi power adapter with model MDY-12-EQ passed the 3C certification last month. The first issuance date is November 23 and supports fast charging up to 55W. It is expected to be used by the mid-range models disclosed by the broadcaster.

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  1. Alberto Conejo Rodríguez

    En España tras la última actualización del Xiaomi MI Watch nos está dando muchos fallos, de todo tipo, pasos de más, de conexión, no instalar algunas Watch faces…
    Esperamos que desde ahí, en China se nos escuche ya ver si vuelven a arreglar estos fallos.

    Saludos desde España.

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