Xiaomi Aims To Surpass Huawei And Apple In Shipments Next Year

The China-based smartphone maker Xiaomi is now offering products related to almost every category. In addition, Xiaomi’s goal, for now, is to grab a significant share of the global smartphone market in 2021. The company is reportedly increasing its factory orders for smartphones. And it is also in talks to suppliers for booking components for up to 240 million phones. The numbers revealed in a new report from Nikkei far exceeds the company’s shipments this year.


With such a promising plan, Xiaomi is clearly trying to surpass Apple and Huawei in terms of smartphone shipments. For those who are unaware, Xiaomi is currently the fourth-largest company in the world in terms of smartphone shipments.

According to the reports, Xiaomi has also told some of its suppliers that the current internal target is shipping 300 million smartphone units in 2021. But for them it doesn’t seem achievable. Companies like Qualcomm and MediaTek can’t commit to such a volume of components for a single company, especially at a time when the supply chain has been hit by COVID-19.


Even with the shipments of 240 million units, Xiaomi would be able to overtake Apple which usually ships around 200 million units of iPhones. As Huawei is under sanctions by the United States, Xiaomi is likely to benefit from this. Also, as Honor is no longer a part of Huawei will significantly impact the company’s market share.

In 2019 it was peak for Huawei. Thus, it managed to ship 240.6 million smartphones — the highest ever for the Chinese company. Xiaomi managed to become the fourth-largest smartphone maker in the year 2018 and the following year, it shipped 125.6 million units.

Moreover, as the IDC report claims, in the first nine months of this year, the company’s shipments grew by 16% year-on-year to 104.5 million units. This growth seems to be the fuel for Xiaomi’s ambitious shipment goals for the next year.

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