Xiaomi Applied For New Wireless Charging Method Patent

Today, Beijing Xiaomi Mobile Software Co., Ltd. published a patent for “Wireless Charging Method and Device, Folding Screen Electronic Equipment, Storage Media”. The publication number is CN113098152A and the application date is January 2020. This may be not an interesting information for you. But when you learn what’s hidden behind this official data, you will begin paying more attention to it.

According to the patent description, it concerns a wireless charging method and device, folding screen electronic equipment, and storage medium, which can improve charging efficiency, shorten charging time, and does not require the user to select a designated side for charging. This is quite beneficial for improvement user experience.

The method includes:

  • Obtaining the charging type supported by the wireless charging device after handshake communication with the wireless charging device;
  • The first receiving module and/or the second receiving module are selected based on the charging type to charge the battery of the folding screen electronic device.
  • In this embodiment, by arranging the first receiving module and the second receiving module on the folding screen electronic device, when one side of the folding screen electronic device is close to the wireless charging device, at least one receiving module can be selected for the electronic device. So the battery will be charged wirelessly, which can improve the charging efficiency and shorten the charging time.

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In short, this method can be used in the future Xiaomi folding screen smartphones to provide a better and more efficient wireless charging.


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