electric heating insoles

Xiaomi Launches Electric Heating Insoles For 229 Yuan ($35)

Recently, Xiaomi Youpin launched a smart warming artifact that uses astronaut warming technology -Supai aerogel wireless remote control intelligent temperature control electric heating insoles. It costs 229 yuan ($35), and the crowdfunding price is 199 yuan ($30).

electric heating insoles

The insole supports three levels of temperature control, full body washing, and can last up to 8 hours. It will warm the feet to the whole body even in cold weather.

The Supai heating insole adopts carbon fiber heating method. The latter heats up quickly and is safer to use. The built-in smart chip realizes three-level temperature control and continuous temperature control. The highest temperature is also controlled at about 50°C to prevent low-temperature burns.

The three temperature controls are 40°C, 45°C, and 50°C. Compared with ordinary heating insoles, the temperature rise is slower. The Supai heating insoles can achieve 10 seconds of heating.

electric heating insoles

In addition to the use of charging and heating, the internally used aerogel thermal layer of thermal black technology material can maintain the temperature of the feet when the power is not turned on.

In terms of durability, the Supai aerogel wireless remote control intelligent temperature control electric heating insole can achieve 100,000+ bending without deformation. It also supports a full waterproof design. You can wash it all over the body and can continue to work in water without the risk of leakage.

Generally, Xiaomi likes investing in niches that need innovation and are very helpful. The electric heating insoles market is still not mature. But it is going to develop quickly. So we guess Xiaomi’s interest in this niche is justified.

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