Xiaomi internal license management

Xiaomi Launches New Rights Management Beta: Multiple Authorization Management Capabilities Are Upgraded

Xiaomi has launched a new version of its internal license management test. Several license management capabilities have been upgraded to support Android 9 and Android 10 devices for testing.

The new version of internal license management supports clipboard permissions, while multiple permissions are set to “Allow only in use” or “Allow this time”. It completely prohibits background camera permissions and adds authorization options based on permission descriptions.

New license management support features:

  1. Added clipboard permissions to prevent applications from reading or tampering with clipboard content privately;
  2. Multiple permissions support such as positioning / recording / photographing / contact / call history / calendar / reading and writing external storage is set to “allow only in use”. After setting, the application cannot call permissions in the background;
  3. The positioning / recording / photographing permission support is set to “Allow this time”. After selecting Allow this time, the permissions will be restored to inquiry by default after the application process ends;
  4. Completely ban background camera permissions and eradicate malicious application peeping;
  5. Added the function to display authorization options according to the description of permissions;
  6. When the application is positioning, taking photos or recording in the background, the relevant indicator appears in the status bar.

User data protection is in the spotlight. Everyone cares about it now. And Xiaomi is no exception. So with this move, Xiaomi sets various permissions for different apps and their activity.

P.S. it’s not excluded that Xiaomi wants to show it is not going to collect data that are not allowed. We mean it wants to avoid the case of Huawei.


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