Xiaomi Momo Leg Knee and Foot Massager Went On Sale

In December last year, Xiaomi Youpin unveiled the 469th Xiaomi crowdfunding product, the Momo Leg Knee and Foot Massager. The latter integrates warm knee pads and foot massage. This product is now on sale at Xiaomi, priced at 599 yuan ($85).

According to the official introduction, this massager can solve the problem of sore legs and knees of sedentary workers in the office. The Foot Massager can alleviate the joint degeneration and deformation caused by the elderly with increasing age.

Momo Leg Knee and Foot Massager

The Momo Leg Knee and Foot Massager adopts the M-shaped design. It is more comfortable and humane when using it. It can be used for three-part massage of legs, knees, and feet. There are 4 modes. According to different body positions, it can be controlled by one button of the hand controller. Each mode provides three levels of massage strength.

This massager uses U-shaped 3D surround airbags to massage the legs and knees, 6 groups of airbags around the knees for rhythmic massage. It is also equipped with graphene hot compresses, which can be heated to 50 degrees and maintain a constant temperature in 2 minutes. The feet are massaged with a bump-type shiatsu, and the graphene hot compress is used to fully relax the soles of the feet.

In terms of battery life, the Momo Leg Knee Foot Massager has a built-in 2600mAh lithium battery. It can be used continuously for 120 minutes when fully charged. Calculated for 15 minutes per day, it can be used continuously for 6 days.


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