Xiaomi Officially Released Surge C1 Chip (For The MIX FOLD Phone)

Tonight, at Xiaomi’s spring new product launch, Lei Jun officially released Xiaomi’s first professional imaging Surge C1 chip. He also added, “Thinking of the unknown and impossibility, I’m about to face my heart surging.” This speaks about the excitement of the Xiaomi founder, chairman, and CEO of the Chinese giant.

The Surge C1 chip is just a small step for Xiaomi to continue to explore professional images. Besides, it successfully represents Xiaomi’s endless technological dreams and pursuits. The Surge C1 supports a dual filter configuration, which can realize parallel processing of high and low-frequency signals. Moreover, the signal processing efficiency has a 100% increase. What’s more important the chip has greatly improved the 3A (AF, AWB, AE) performance of the image with the self-developed algorithm.

Thus, the chip provides the following advantages of 3A performance:

  • Better autofocus (AF), greatly improving the ability to focus on dark light, small objects, and flat areas;
  • More accurate white balance (AWB), complex mixed ambient light is also fully controlled;
  • More accurate automatic exposure (AE) strategy.

So, the new Xiaomi MIX FOLD smartphone comes with the C1 chip and take all the advantages.

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