Xiaomi Responded to the Self-Built Factory: Yizhuang Factory Is a Trial Production Factory Before Mass Production, and Will Not Mass-Produce Mobile Phones Here.

 According to all-weather technology reports, in response to Xiaomi’s self-built factory news. Xiaomi responds that: Yizhuang factory is a trial production plant before mass production. Not that we have to do mass production mobile phones there.

Earlier today, Lei Jun said that the Xiaomi Future Plant in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone will be put into operation next month. With an annual production capacity of 1 million mobile phones and a total construction area of ​​187,000 square meters.

According to Lei Jun, the factory will use large-scale automated production lines. 5G networks, robots, big data and other technologies, so the production efficiency will be very high. It is expected to automatically produce 60 smart phones per minute. which is 60% more efficient than traditional factories. the above.

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